Tattoo sketch of a peacock

a peacock with sakura and kanji

A tattoo sketch is the only thing I have created in the last week. The virus that knocked me over two fridays ago is still with me and I’m sleeping more than ever. The sketch is based on the idea of a playing card. The background is cherry blossom, the foreground is the peacock with a tail extending beyond the confines of the card. The characters say “Western style artist” in Japanese.

The peacock was chosen as symbol of rebirth which dates back to the Greeks. In the the Japanese context it is a symbol of Kannon which is the Japanese regional variation of Kwan Qin. I like Kannon,  that it also symbolises her is not bad. The next step for this tattoo is to go in for a drawing session. I can’t complete this one on my own, The format of the tattoo is inspired by previous work of Cody Cummings who I intend to take the sketch to.

Current tattoos.

I already have two tattoos.

mauve dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo done in 2012, and touch up 2015. My original design,

I designed my first tattoo, the mauve dragon, from scratch using at least nine different sketches. It’s to do with my identity. Dragons are probably the most popular tattoo among my friends and I don’t think I’ve seen a single one done from a flash. I believe that you should either design your own tattoos or have a drawing session with a tattoo artist. Then thinking about it for some months. There are exceptions I know two different people who got tattoos of the logo of their karate dojo or former karate dojo.


This is my second tattoo. Inked in 2015 with two friends paying for it for my 30th birthday. It has three triskeles. The triskele is a symbol of celtic heritage. My great-grandfather Daffyd Morris was Welsh. I also like triskele because it as complex spiral, and I like spirals.

Another tattoo design.

tattoo 4

This is my design for a kemetic tattoo. There is a kemetic belief that images of the gods are the same as the gods themselves. This and other factors lead me to avoid tattoos of the gods. The ankh is of course a symbol of eternal life, the five point stars symbolise the ancestors, the tear drop is based on the kemetic idea that the sky is a great flood. I need to decide how big I want this one and then get a quote.

I wish I could dance: an exercise in nostalgia

 Dancing in the dust

The painting “Dancing in the dust” is painted on recycled canvas, 40 x 81 cm.  It is a celebration of spontaneous movement and the dynamic nature of dance.

Original piece on the same canvas not about dance

This is the painting I painted over with two tubes of Matisse Australian Sienna. There are many things wrong with the original painting. It also shows I can’t paint landscapes.


I wish I could dance. I have fibromyalgia and muscular problems severe enough that my movements have to be considered. I don’t always do this well – I’m a klutz. I can’t do spontaneous movement no matter how good it might be for my  anxiety.  Before all this I did swing dancing, which is a partnered dance which allows a great deal of improvisation. I was a follow which is the traditional female role for swing dance. I was good enough that I could lead if I needed to in a class.  I miss swing dancing, the level of exhaustion that taking a lesson now could cause other symptoms.

I had also done a little medieval dancing. Some friends have done more. I can still do a pavane. But as long as you can walk, you can do a pavane. There are large number dances that are simply too rigorous for me to do. One of my friends was very into medieval dance but now has chronic fatigue. I suspect I’m not the only one who misses dancing.

A face in abstract artwork

Recognising patterns in the abstract

People see faces in all sorts of things. Jesus in a corn chip, a face on Mars. It is the brain trying to find a recognisable pattern in chaos. Today I started painting on one theme in landscape and ended up with a face in portrait. The painting is roughly A3.  If you struggle to see the face, compare it more to a mask and less to a face. A kabuki mask was one of the things I thought of when I finally saw what I had painted. It is called self evidently “Face”. Sometimes abstract art is meant to resemble figurative images and sometimes it isn’t. Now often viewers look for figurative meaning in abstract art that isn’t there. This week Dad asked me if there was a fish in “Dreamers Imagine“. I said no and we moved on.

This was a quick and dirty job because I’ve spent this week either exhausted or busy. Trying have appointments, lunch with Dad, tabletop games with a couple of the girls and get enough sleep, the art didn’t happen until this evening.


Medication an artwork

This piece is called “Medication”. The central motif is a capsule made of collage of paper, card, and foil from my various medications. There is a yellow halo around the capsule and the rays of yellows and orange illustrate the positive influence medication has had on my life for the last ten years. The black, red and grey is for pain, both physical and psychological.

Chronic illness and medication

I’m chronically ill. I have depression, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromayalgia, and a binge eating disorder (not bulimia). I take the most medication for depression and anxiety. Fibromayalgia is hard to treat. I take Cymbalta for both fibromayalgia and my depression because Cymbalta is an SNRI anti-depression and is effective in treating Fibro. Not much is. I’m not going to go through all my medications because at least one is highly controlled.

An apology

Sorry about the lack of posts. A week ago give or take I went the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria with friends. The day after I was exhausted. Two weeks ago I hadn’t finished the artwork because I had run out of black and white tubes. Yesterday I simply forgot to write.

Dreamers Imagine


“Dreamers Imagine” was inspired by the song “Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha. When I was eight, Auntie Jody sent me a large jewellery box made of dark wood. It played the tune of “Impossible Dream”.  When I was 15 or so I saw Man of La Mancha on stage. “Dreamers Imagine” is about hope. It’s about the creative impulse. All the colours are ones I see as upbeat except the red. The red is the irritant, the sand in the oyster shell. Some dreamers imagine because they’re bored. The brighter you are, the lower your boredom threshold. Others imagine because they dream of change. Yet a third group imagine to escape their circumstances. Sometimes it’s as simple as an ongoing daydream, others it is as complex a full novel.

Dreamers Imagine is also about the dreams that become hope for the community. I went to a biotech firm for my work experience in year 10. One of the scientists I spent the day with was working on the cure for AIDs.