The recent renewed growth of homemade craft is changing the shape of the world we live in. If you're my age 30 or so, chances are your grandparents practiced handicrafts but your parents didn't. The perfectionism of my paternal grandpa's turned bowls would not be out of place among the new generation of crafters.

Most crafters love the process of making things. It can also be a way to own an unique item. I was a crafter for a while. I had taught myself to hand sew as a child, learned basic machine sewing and garment making at a secondary school. While I was a crafter and creating solely for my own pleasure, I refined those skills and learnt hand embroidery, knitting and crochet as well.

From Crafter to Artist

Like many children of the Middle Class, I was brought up to do succeed at school and university before obtaining a white collar job. Those ideas started to unravel when at 19 (2005) I fell and hurt my back. That was the beginning of living with the day-to-day agony of chronic illness. My bachelors gave me a focus until 2008.

Lacking a focus in your life is one of the stressors of the chronically ill. I kept making craft. I craved to become an artist but lacked the courage to try. In a last ditch attempt to run away from myself, I started an accounting course in 2010. It took a kick in the ass from my then-lover to go through with it.

While whether someone is a crafter or artist is largely a matter of self-identification. However my rule of thumb is that a crafter is someone who can make identical items without getting bored. Artists make one of a kind items. Medium is also considered. Often someone with skills in the textile arts will be considered a crafter.

Art brought a new focus to my life. I taught myself to draw, continued to make textile art, and eventually taught myself to paint in acrylics. I have anxiety and depression. I notice the impact on my mental health when it is too long since I've worked on my art.

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