2016 round up: a year of change Dec25


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2016 round up: a year of change


I’ve changed my artwork style and settled into one medium this year. I’m currently working on redoing the artwork page. The eleven works on canvas I completed this year are already there. Avril E. Jean pointed out the abstract style that I’m best at when I posted a piece created in anger. She is both an artist and a friend, I trust her judgement. That new direction stopped me from grinding to halt entirely with art making. I did pieces other than those eleven canvases this year, I set out to create and post once a week, every week. I still think that is achievable. However with eleven canvas and other mostly textile pieces, it has been a productive year, It compares well to other years. This year also marks the end of me working with textiles. It has faded naturally from my practice.  I know going into 2017, I know what sort of abstract art works for me and that my preferred medium is acrylics. 

I exhibited once this year at the IAN art exhibition in Ballarat. This is the first time I have exhibited outside Melbourne. I need to update my CV.


Most of my struggles have tied in with my mental illness. It has been a bad year for depression and anxiety, and it has only gotten worse as the year has progressed. It has influenced how often I make art,  I’m now looking for a new psychiatrist. The one I was seeing felt he couldn’t further change my medication.

In June the shooting at Pulse Orlando hit me hard. It made me reevaluate how out I was or wasn’t. My family and friends have known I was pansexual for years (I originally came out as bisexual but it’s very similar). I rethought about wearing rainbow jewellery and how to be out as an artist. 

While I exhibited, neither piece sold. I’m disappointed even though this is a common experience. I worry I might have priced myself out of the market but trying to price art is difficult. Pricing art is like asking how long is a piece of string,