Art Practise

How your practise art shapes what you are capable of creating. Here are my thoughts on the practise of art.


My artist manifesto: 9 beliefs about art

These are my central beliefs about art. They shape how I create, what I create and how I view the art of others.

A productive artist

An artist must produce a lot of work to become a good artist. Then build on your strongest works.

Learning technique from other artists versus copying a style

Learning technique from other artists is useful. Copying a style will only lead to frustration.

Why samples are important

The importance of samples as a testing ground for techniques.

How technology changed my life

This is about technology helping my education, Then later how the switch from pure hand embroidery to reverse applique on the sewing machine also had an impact,

5 reasons to keep a sketchbook

Some of the benefits of keeping a sketchbook to your art practise.

Questions and brainstorming for artists

How brainstorming can help plan your art practise and how questions help this process. Also how brainstorming can be recorded as a mind map

How to choose an artist society

A detailed analysis of how to choose an artist society including signs of an unhealthy society.

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