Artwork drawing on depression

Depression (c) 2013 Anita Morris

Depression (c) 2013 Anita Morris

Depression is not a simple disease. The best known literary metaphors for the disease are the Prison of Azkaban and the Dementors in Harry Potter. I started having symptoms at 15 but have only had treatment including medication in the last nine years. Please if you think you might have depression, seek help.

This oil pastel drawing is also a metaphor for Depression which is also the name of the piece. Depression is a darkness but it comes in shades of grey as your mood improves or worsens. Yellow is the hope in your life that keeps you going. For me, art is my hope, as is my family of choice.

This piece was shown at the state trustees CONNECTED exhibition last year. This was a diverse exhibition of artist with disabilities and mental illness. It was a well put together exhibition which was a pleasure to participate in. I intend to submit work again this year.


Price $220. Contact Anita Morris to buy.

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