Aset WIP

I’m working on a painting called “Aset, Goddess of Sovereignty”. Aset is the Goddess of Sovereignty from Ancient Egypt. The Greeks called her Isis. I’ve started to block in some of the main areas. The wings aren’t staying black although I’ve drawn her twin Nebt-Het with black wings.

Aset sketch

This is the initial sketch for the painting. The dress hasn’t been done on the painting because unlike the sketch, I want to paint the dress in gold. I needed to buy a tube of gold paint at the time of painting.

Quick note on names

I don’t use the Greek names. I follow the Ancient Egyptian gods to as they were understood in Pharaonic Egypt (I don’t even really like calling it Egypt that’s from the Greek too). When the Greeks came they melded their gods with the local gods. Most Ancient Egyptian goddesses are solar. The Greeks made them lunar. When Aset became Isis, she went from being a powerful woman who was also a magician and had chutzpah to being a cuddly mother figure. She had always produced, cared for and protected Heru-Sa-Aset but that was part of her role in ensuring Set was deposed following the death of Wesir (Osiris).

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