The Beginning of the Dream Scroll

dream scroll 1

I’ve been preparing for this piece for sometime. I’ve made a sample and chosen fabrics. This scroll is going to be my focus for a while because I want to show it at the Embroiders Guild of Victoria Annual Members Exhibition. This week I cut the fabric, washed it and painted the ‘Dream’ kanji on it. It’s 163 cm long so it fitting all the calico on the bed where I paint at one time is impossible.

The painted character is smaller than the sample because even though this scroll is bigger than divisions, there is still only so much space to work with. Compare:

dream charactercharacter sample

I’m much happier with the character on the scroll than on the sample. It’s still not perfect but Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) was never one of my strengths. The size of that character in the center of scroll determines how big other elements in the scroll can be.

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