My artist manifesto: 9 beliefs about art

1. Art can be anything and made from anything. Marcel Duchamps proved that amongst others.

2. Art is stronger when it has meaning. There are exceptions and there are cases where an artist’s body of work has meaning as a whole but not as individual pieces.

3. Anyone can make art. It takes practice and lots of it to make good art.

4. Do your own work, walk your own path. Don’t try to create Renoir’s, Rothko’s or art like your best friend. There is no one true way to create art. If you are told anything else, the person telling you is likely selling something.

5. To create good art the artist must first understand themselves. This helps the artist develop an individual style.

6. Sometimes art comes from the subconscious. The rest of the time artists have to show up and do the work.

7. Art should be written about in a straight forward manner. Technical terms should be kept to a minimum and where used defined. This includes artist statements.

8. Any aspect of art can get better with practice. Learn from the lesser works you create to create your next strong piece. A productive artist is a good artist because they have more opportunities to learn from their own work.

9. Use critical thinking. It’s a good life skill and will add depth to your work. Everyone has a bias and life is not always what it seems. Conveying that in art is important.

All content © Copyright 2016 by Anita Morris.
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