Bes walked in

Bes wasn’t intended to be in this artwork. Some of my art pieces are designed such as my portrait of Aset and ‘society has always been influenced by Queers‘. Others evolve like ‘Divisions’ and ‘Renewal‘. Renewal started as a free drawing session in my sketchbook but I liked it so much that I made a good copy.

This art piece was made for a friend’s 30th birthday. It was originally meant to be a decorative art piece featuring gerberas. I drew one gerbera in pink ink and then it became something else entirely. The collage in the left-hand corner is partially to cover the black ink circles I drew, intended to be the centre of further gerberas. I had intuition that Bes wanted to be added to the work.

Bes is a dwarf god, one of the household gods of Ancient Egypt, protects against evil spirits and has fertility associations. All the household gods of Ancient Egypt have fertility associations. As a Kemetic Neo-pagan I believe that having an image of the god is like having part of the god permanently around. The god is the image. It can also bring you under the influence of that god. My friend isn’t a Neo-pagan. I rang her and asked if she was ok with having an image of Bes. She said that that was fine as long as she didn’t have to do anything other than the care for it as an artwork. I told her that was all she had to do. She also thought being gifted an artwork was cool.

I’m not sure what gerberas and the collage has to do with the symbolism of Bes. Bes isn’t a god I know well however.

The mediums I used were ink, yuzen (Japanese origami paper), turkey feathers, and embroidery floss. The original may have gone to my friend but it’s available on prints, stationary, and phone cases

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