Tattoo sketch of a peacock

Tattoo sketch of a peacock

A tattoo sketch is the only thing I have created in the last week. The virus that knocked me over two fridays ago is still with me and I’m sleeping more than ever. The sketch is based on the idea of a playing card. The background is cherry blossom, the foreground is the peacock with […]

I wish I could dance: an exercise in nostalgia

Dancing in the Dust (c) Anita Morris 2016

 Dancing in the dust The painting “Dancing in the dust” is painted on recycled canvas, 40 x 81 cm.  It is a celebration of spontaneous movement and the dynamic nature of dance. This is the painting I painted over with two tubes of Matisse Australian Sienna. There are many things wrong with the original painting. […]

A face in abstract artwork

Face (c) Anita Morris 2016

Recognising patterns in the abstract People see faces in all sorts of things. Jesus in a corn chip, a face on Mars. It is the brain trying to find a recognisable pattern in chaos. Today I started painting on one theme in landscape and ended up with a face in portrait. The painting is roughly […]

Medication an artwork

Medication (c) Anita Morris 2016

This piece is called “Medication”. The central motif is a capsule made of collage of paper, card, and foil from my various medications. There is a yellow halo around the capsule and the rays of yellows and orange illustrate the positive influence medication has had on my life for the last ten years. The black, […]

Dreamers Imagine

Dreamers imagine (c) Anita Morris 2016

  “Dreamers Imagine” was inspired by the song “Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha. When I was eight, Auntie Jody sent me a large jewellery box made of dark wood. It played the tune of “Impossible Dream”.  When I was 15 or so I saw Man of La Mancha on stage. “Dreamers Imagine” is […]

I am a childhood abuse survivor

(Abuse) survivor (c) Anita Morris 2016

  I am a survivor. My estranged mother abused me.  Mostly emotional abuse, often verbal abuse and rarely physical abuse. Like many survivors I have depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, a binge eating disorder (a form of compulsive behaviour). Not surprisingly as a survivor I find it difficult to trust. Recently my psychiatrist made mistakes in part […]

My regular nightmares

Nightmares (c) Anita Morris 2016 $400

I have been having nightmares since 2005, after my parents locked me in my own house. Mother is a frequent visitor in my nightmares, with classmates from high school also being common recognisable characters. Dad and my brother sometimes turn up with mum. But my sister-in-law has never been in my nightmares. In fact there […]

Remember the dead of the Pulse, Orlando shooting

Remember the Pulse, Orlando Shooting, 2016. (c) Anita Morris 2016 $900

I was wake at in the early hours of the morning of June 13 (local time) when I heard about the shooting at the Pulse Gay Nightclub. My e-mail was the first my Auntie living in small town, MA heard about it.  It hit me hard. I’m bisexual or if you recognise the term pansexual. […]

How I came out as bisexual

The Years of Hidden Identity (c) Anita Morris 2016  $400

The shooting in Pulse Gay Night Club, Orlando has the LGBTI community grieving and re-evaluating how visible we are. As anger kicks in as part of the grieving process, members of the community  are choosing to be more visible as a “fuck you homophobes”. I bought a rainbow necklace because I want to be more […]

A new direction for me in art

Internal Conflict (c) Anita Morris 2016 $600

In my first year with my partner, he asked me if I liked Indian Curry, I said no. When he asked if I had tried it, I said no. He got me to try a very mild Chicken and Almond curry. I have since gone on to eat a variety of curries. Last week I […]

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