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Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Medication an artwork

This piece is called “Medication”. The central motif is a capsule made of collage of paper, card, and foil from my various medications. There is a yellow halo around the capsule and the rays of yellows and orange illustrate the positive influence medication has had on my life for the last ten years. The black, red and grey is for pain, both physical and psychological.

Chronic illness and medication

I’m chronically ill. I have depression, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromayalgia, and a binge eating disorder (not bulimia). I take the most medication for depression and anxiety. Fibromayalgia is hard to treat. I take Cymbalta for both fibromayalgia and my depression because Cymbalta is an SNRI anti-depression and is effective in treating Fibro. Not much is. I’m not going to go through all my medications because at least one is highly controlled.

An apology

Sorry about the lack of posts. A week ago give or take I went the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria with friends. The day after I was exhausted. Two weeks ago I hadn’t finished the artwork because I had run out of black and white tubes. Yesterday I simply forgot to write.

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

A new direction for me in art

In my first year with my partner, he asked me if I liked Indian Curry, I said no. When he asked if I had tried it, I said no. He got me to try a very mild Chicken and Almond curry. I have since gone on to eat a variety of curries.

Last week I posted something that I hadn’t originally intended to share.  It was a form of action painting. Friend and artist Avril E Jean said “Make more art like that”. Avril is honest in what she likes and what she doesn’t including to her friends. So this week I’ve tried to make more art like that. Like the curry, it fits. Perfectly. I had avoided this messy approach to abstract art because I’m more inspired by Paul Klee, Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky than Jackson Pollock.

This weeks mixed media piece is called “Internal Conflict”. It expresses more viscerally what I was hoping to say with a self portrait. It’s about the conflict between my self loathing and the otherwise confident complex person I am. It includes stitches as a medical reference although the deliberately messy stitches are more Dr Frankenstein than your local ER. It’s painted over ‘42‘ because while I liked the idea the execution never worked.  Also because I didn’t have any other canvas the right size. I haven’t covered over the writing of the original completely because I felt it added to the complexity of the new piece. The self loathing is triggered when I make certain types of mistakes or spat with my partner. It’s when the depression hits me hardest. Most the rest of the time I’m interesting enough that my more conservative acquaintances call me a character.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Cat sits sprawled

“Cat sits sprawled” is the second piece in my cat series. Like the first piece, the cat is in a typical feline position. This one is most often seen when the weather is hot and the cat is sitting on the cool floor. It spreads the body mass to allow the loss of more heat, The pose that allow maximum heat loss involves the cat laying flat against the floor. The sprawled pose also is an indicator of a degree of relaxation.

I didn’t do a mock up of this in my sketchbook first. This maybe why the head and ears are so close to the edge of the canvas. The paper is a decorative paper but not of Japanese origin. The black provides some differentiation for limited parts of the cat.

Greeting cards, travel mugs and prints of “Cat sits sprawled”

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Why I started the cat series


This is this week’s completed artwork. It’s called “Cat curled up but awake”, it’s 20 x 25 cm. It’s mixed media featuring collage, a painted background and pen and ink details. I’m still not sure about the best way to do the face. It’s the first piece of my cat series.

I have chosen to start the cat series because:

  1. I’m a cat person. I genuinely love cats, love and take care of my cat Queenie. She sometimes complains otherwise but what do you expect from a cat.
  2. The collage elements make for a quick finish.
  3. Cats are hugely popular. Think about how many cats appear upon the internet. What is popular will sell and I want to have a solo exhibition when I have a sufficient body of work.

If we compare this to the mock up from last week.

Black paper cat with white and silver details

I don’t feel the head and tail are as well defined compared to the mock up. The added paws add to the confusion. I think I need to create my cats from two different papers.


Stickers, cards, travel mugs and prints of “Cat curled up but awake”



Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Mixed media black cat from my sketchbook


I’m a cat person. I’m owned by a neutered female tabby called Queenie. This made cats a logical choice for my next attempt at a series. This black cat is a mock-up for what will become a series of cat artwork. The concept is to make a series of small works -A4 or equivalent –  featuring cats using yuzen on a painted background. Yuzen is the highly decorative oragami paper. Mistakes I made with the mock up are I reversed the direction of the cat, and I drew one of the whiskers in the wrong place. I went over it with a black copic pen but that left some of that whisker visable. I won’t be able to do that with the yuzen cats because of the pattern on the paper.

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Bes walked in

Bes wasn’t intended to be in this artwork. Some of my art pieces are designed such as my portrait of Aset and ‘society has always been influenced by Queers‘. Others evolve like ‘Divisions’ and ‘Renewal‘. Renewal started as a free drawing session in my sketchbook but I liked it so much that I made a good copy.

This art piece was made for a friend’s 30th birthday. It was originally meant to be a decorative art piece featuring gerberas. I drew one gerbera in pink ink and then it became something else entirely. The collage in the left-hand corner is partially to cover the black ink circles I drew, intended to be the centre of further gerberas. I had intuition that Bes wanted to be added to the work.

Bes is a dwarf god, one of the household gods of Ancient Egypt, protects against evil spirits and has fertility associations. All the household gods of Ancient Egypt have fertility associations. As a Kemetic Neo-pagan I believe that having an image of the god is like having part of the god permanently around. The god is the image. It can also bring you under the influence of that god. My friend isn’t a Neo-pagan. I rang her and asked if she was ok with having an image of Bes. She said that that was fine as long as she didn’t have to do anything other than the care for it as an artwork. I told her that was all she had to do. She also thought being gifted an artwork was cool.

I’m not sure what gerberas and the collage has to do with the symbolism of Bes. Bes isn’t a god I know well however.

The mediums I used were ink, yuzen (Japanese origami paper), turkey feathers, and embroidery floss. The original may have gone to my friend but it’s available on prints, stationary, and phone cases

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

My artist manifesto: 9 beliefs about art

1. Art can be anything and made from anything. Marcel Duchamps proved that amongst others.

2. Art is stronger when it has meaning. There are exceptions and there are cases where an artist’s body of work has meaning as a whole but not as individual pieces.

3. Anyone can make art. It takes practice and lots of it to make good art.

4. Do your own work, walk your own path. Don’t try to create Renoir’s, Rothko’s or art like your best friend. There is no one true way to create art. If you are told anything else, the person telling you is likely selling something.

5. To create good art the artist must first understand themselves. This helps the artist develop an individual style.

6. Sometimes art comes from the subconscious. The rest of the time artists have to show up and do the work.

7. Art should be written about in a straight forward manner. Technical terms should be kept to a minimum and where used defined. This includes artist statements.

8. Any aspect of art can get better with practice. Learn from the lesser works you create to create your next strong piece. A productive artist is a good artist because they have more opportunities to learn from their own work.

9. Use critical thinking. It’s a good life skill and will add depth to your work. Everyone has a bias and life is not always what it seems. Conveying that in art is important.

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