I wish I could dance: an exercise in nostalgia

 Dancing in the dust

The painting “Dancing in the dust” is painted on recycled canvas, 40 x 81 cm.  It is a celebration of spontaneous movement and the dynamic nature of dance.

Original piece on the same canvas not about dance

This is the painting I painted over with two tubes of Matisse Australian Sienna. There are many things wrong with the original painting. It also shows I can’t paint landscapes.


I wish I could dance. I have fibromyalgia and muscular problems severe enough that my movements have to be considered. I don’t always do this well – I’m a klutz. I can’t do spontaneous movement no matter how good it might be for my  anxiety.  Before all this I did swing dancing, which is a partnered dance which allows a great deal of improvisation. I was a follow which is the traditional female role for swing dance. I was good enough that I could lead if I needed to in a class.  I miss swing dancing, the level of exhaustion that taking a lesson now could cause other symptoms.

I had also done a little medieval dancing. Some friends have done more. I can still do a pavane. But as long as you can walk, you can do a pavane. There are large number dances that are simply too rigorous for me to do. One of my friends was very into medieval dance but now has chronic fatigue. I suspect I’m not the only one who misses dancing.

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