Depression causing a rough patch

Another reason I make art about depression is that sometimes mine becomes debilitating. It’s been six weeks since I’ve been ok – for my normal averages. My psychiatrist encouraged me to start the process for reconciliation with mum. I’ve been sleeping more but not better quality.  The nightmares and complicated dreams are increasing. My art has slowly ground to a stop. One of the diagnostic criteria for depression or in this case worsening depression is not enjoying things you normally enjoy.

I don’t usually do action painting. The action painting above was done during the last time for a fortnight the psychiatrist actions increased my depression, I do sometimes find it cathartic. There is only one action painting right now. But even if there were more I wouldn’t be selling them.

In better news, I have an idea for another series. I’m bisexual or at least that’s the simplest term for my preferences. This time about a bisexual and her partner down the years. This resulted from watching the lesbian classic movie ‘Go Fish’. It would involve lots of sketching before starting the works. Therefore the cat series comes first.

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