Why depression ruins productivity Dec11


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Why depression ruins productivity

This is the first layer of paint in first painting since my last blog post. No, I’m not painting a la Mark Rothko. I don’t grok (grok: to understand on a visceral and spiritual level) Rothko’s work. My productivity has dipped. At the beginning of the year until June I was producing work once a week. My depression has been increasing since January. In June it started to disrupt my work. 


There’s a reason why depression is diagnosed with a scalar list. There are shades of depression, it is a grey scale.  I’ve been on a downward spiral all year.  I haven’t been this badly off in years. I’m spending a lot of time asleep. I’ve missed medical appoints, tai chi, time organised with dad, a gallery exhibition with friends. You get the idea. I’m looking for a new psychiatrist because the current one refuses to change my meds. 

The relationship between productivity and depressions.

Depression is ruining my productivity because it’s ruining all my routines. Discipline is necessary to stay productive. Depression ruins discipline because people do things that make them happy. The less reward for your productivity, the less likely you are to stay disciplined and productive. It’s a lot harder to push yourself over the line to do something when getting out of the bed is too hard most days.  Mind you, not all sufferers of depression struggle to get out of bed but it’s where I am now. 

The irony is the painting is not about depression. It’s about politics.