Dreamers Imagine


“Dreamers Imagine” was inspired by the song “Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha. When I was eight, Auntie Jody sent me a large jewellery box made of dark wood. It played the tune of “Impossible Dream”.  When I was 15 or so I saw Man of La Mancha on stage. “Dreamers Imagine” is about hope. It’s about the creative impulse. All the colours are ones I see as upbeat except the red. The red is the irritant, the sand in the oyster shell. Some dreamers imagine because they’re bored. The brighter you are, the lower your boredom threshold. Others imagine because they dream of change. Yet a third group imagine to escape their circumstances. Sometimes it’s as simple as an ongoing daydream, others it is as complex a full novel.

Dreamers Imagine is also about the dreams that become hope for the community. I went to a biotech firm for my work experience in year 10. One of the scientists I spent the day with was working on the cure for AIDs.

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