A face in abstract artwork

Recognising patterns in the abstract

People see faces in all sorts of things. Jesus in a corn chip, a face on Mars. It is the brain trying to find a recognisable pattern in chaos. Today I started painting on one theme in landscape and ended up with a face in portrait. The painting is roughly A3.  If you struggle to see the face, compare it more to a mask and less to a face. A kabuki mask was one of the things I thought of when I finally saw what I had painted. It is called self evidently “Face”. Sometimes abstract art is meant to resemble figurative images and sometimes it isn’t. Now often viewers look for figurative meaning in abstract art that isn’t there. This week Dad asked me if there was a fish in “Dreamers Imagine“. I said no and we moved on.

This was a quick and dirty job because I’ve spent this week either exhausted or busy. Trying have appointments, lunch with Dad, tabletop games with a couple of the girls and get enough sleep, the art didn’t happen until this evening.


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