Feeling unfeminine at the end of winter

I feel unfeminine at the end of every winter. I don’t know when it started. I do know it started after my depression possibly even post end of university in 2008. I wear layers in winter because if I get cold my back muscles will seize up. This year I wore a dress as one one of my layers most of the time. It still hit me. Later than usual but spring has been unusually cold and wet. I spoke to my psychologist about it. We worked out that the difference between what I wear in winter and what I wear in summer. The answer is bright colours. I’ve said before that I’m not goth (my partner is), this only proves it.


This is a selfie of me wearing the beaded necklace I made after the conversation with the psychologist. Red is the main bright colour I can wear a lot of. Yellow and orange I can only wear as accents. I’m going to buy more red things before next winter including cherry red docs (that I was thinking about anyway), a red woolen vest, and Redpool socks (Redpool is a Marvel super hero who is very meta and regularly breaks the fourth wall). 

Limited Palette

Feeling unfeminine at the end of winter is a continuation of using a limited palette. There are two shades of blue, black and grey. I wore a lot of blue and black in winter. I also wore purple which I chose to leave out. I’m not sure I like using a limited palette. I do think that every colour I use in a painting needs to have a purpose.