My first painting: from rough sketch to pencil outline

society has always been influenced by queers sketchThere are two things that determine how I make art – cost to get it from start to exhibition, and the limitations of my Non Verbal Learning Disabilities. I looked at my works on paper and realised how much it would cost to frame them all if I got to have a solo exhibition. There are lots of options for textile arts for hanging without framing a piece. The options in fine arts are far more limited. It basically comes down to two; paint on canvas or sculpture. My Non Verbal Learning Disabilities mean that I find it very hard to visualise 3D objects. I am unlikely to ever make sculpture. I’ve chosen acrylics over oil because acrylics are mostly non-toxic. The exceptions are pigment specific.

The above rough sketch is for my first painting. The black paint splotches aren’t part of the sketch, they happened later.

Society has always been influenced by QueersThis photo looks down upon the pencil outlines on a prepared canvas. It was cheap canvas so I added more gesso, then painted the background.

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