Growing up a geek

I am a geek. A female geek is less rare than you might think. Most geeks are bullied at some point during school. They also tend to have small but close friendship circles. This can be lonely at times.

I started university and discovered a social community of geeks. It was the first time I had a sense of community. Some I met sitting in a certain place at Monash uni, some I met at parties, and some I’ve only ever met online. When we still had a mailing there were roughly one hundred members. Things are more dispersed now that we’re all on Facebook.

This di-type emphasises the contrast of these experiences. It’s called ‘Loneliness vs. a Tribe of Friends’.


Price $400. Contact Anita Morris to buy.

Buy a card or print of “Loneliness vs. a Tribe of Friends”

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