How to create art while chronically ill

Good art creates a emotional response in the participant. Artists have to create lots of art to create good art.

Not all people who are chronically ill have the spoons to create art. If you’re bed bound, making art isn’t an option. If you can’t focus on more passive activities like reading or playing computer games, you’re not up to making art. The decision of what you’re capable of is up to you. Always.

If you have the spoons to create art while chronically ill:

1. Decide how often you want to create art
If you want to make art, the first decide how often you want to make art. If you want to be a professional, this should be daily.

2. Identify your simplest process
Identify your simplest process because this is what you will rely on when your body gives up on you but you need to make art. It is this you will be able to rely on to make on a daily basis. I’ve only recently found something simple enough for this. My token dolls are made of found objects, primarily plastics and scraps of fabric, and can be assembled in front of the TV. I started making them in January 3 this year.

3. Make time for more complex art
Schedule time for more complex art, write it down in your diary or calendar. I usually have time set aside once a week. This is time for using the sewing machine or working on your latest painting. Lately I’ve been working on my commission and my dream scroll. 

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