Inspired by Hannah Gadsby


Hannah Gadsby’s OZ first episode inspired me. She looks a primary art sources and what was not shown in the art. She also interviews contemporary artists about how they are revealing history in their art. I believe meaning in art is important and my best art has meaning. Other artists and art movements consider it irrelevant eg. the DaDaists and the minimalists. The sketch is for a textile called “Australia has a bloody history”. I’m going to use a digital print of a map of Australia, and two shades of red fabric. I may also use some embroidery. I will do this before I do anything with the tram and power line photos I published. Those photos have less meaning to me than that behind this new idea. I may come back to them.

Hannah Gadsby’s OZ is on iview. By the time I post this, the first two episodes will have aired and it’s a three parter.


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