Making Peace with Death

The oil pastel drawing is called “Soldier salutes Death” (c) Anita Morris 2013-2014. It’s on a blue background because I wanted to use both black and white in the drawing. The representative of death here is a psychopomp of the Ancient Egyptians called “Nebt-het” (G/R: Nephthys). Nebt-het has a basket (traditionally the hieroglyph for basket) on her head to differentiate from her twin sister Aset (G/R: Isis). I chose her over the skeleton with scythe because I only like that representation of death in medieval art, and in the Discworld. I chose her over Anubis who is the better known psychopomp of the same pantheon as a feminist statement.

Soldiers have to make their peace with death in order to function in battle. Doctors in hospitals, nurses, also have to make their peace with death because patients die. One of my friends trained as a nurse straight out of secondary school. Ten years later she is doing further study to work in palliative care. She says it is easier when death is not the enemy. People with chronic illness make their peace death. We live pain for years. I’ve had chronic pain since 2005, a friend has had chronic pain since 1996. This doesn’t necessarily make us depressed or suicidal. In my case the depression came first. Death doesn’t seem such a risk when you are living with pain.



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