There is never enough time or energy for art


I had hoped to have finished the reverse appliqué on this piece before sharing this again. There is probably another four hours work to finish the reverse appliqué. However I have nothing else interesting to share. The work I have done this week was applying a layer of gesso as a base on a cheap canvas. However a white canvas is boring.

I lost a lot of energy over the weekend after tripping in my room and opening a cut under my right big toenail. I also slept through today and yesterday was wasted time going to my psychiatrist – he’s usually good, this time he wound me up – and this is where the time and energy go for me as a chronically ill artist. It’s worse when I’ve managed to book four appointments out of the six health professionals I see in one week. Or I go out for a three hour dinner with friends and spend the rest of the week recovering.

Even artists who are healthy have to manage their time. Most have day jobs. Even those who are full time artists can lose a lot of it to doing admin and making sure art travels to where it is going etc.

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