New work for the Embroiderers Guild (Victoria) Annual Members Exhibit

The 2014 Annual Members Exhibit
Saturday August 9 -Sunday August 24
10.00am – 4.00pm daily

Location: Embroidery House
170 Wattletree Road, Malvern 3144

I intend to have a piece of work in this exhibition. The turn in date is in late July. I have nothing finished that I’m happy to submit. I missed out last year because I was moving. In 2012 I had two pieces in the exhibit. I’m starting my dreams themed scroll and putting my current work aside.

I’ve made a sample for this piece already. The kanji in that sample is going onto this dreams themed scroll. I learned Japanese for roughly a decade. I’m a Japanophile, but not Manga and Anime, more Shrines, Temples, Kimonos, Karate and Ikebana. Each piece of coloured fabric in the piece has its own story. The background will be plain calico.

This japanese craft print (cotton) I bought to make a skirt. I didn’t buy enough fabric because I hadn’t taken measurements recently enough. It’s now going to be part of the scroll. I suspect japanese craft prints are based on patterns traditionally woven into silk kimonos worn by young women, adapted for the western market. The patterns are too busy to be traditional prints for cotton made for the japanese market.

fabric 2
I bought this when I was stash building immediately after committing to reverse appliqué. I was trying to buy reds, greens, yellows, neutrals. I mostly had blue and purples before that because they are my favourite colours. I did buy some of those colours but not with this japanese craft print.

fabric 4
This one was bought for this project. This is the real deal. Yukata fabric is for cotton for kimonos that used to be for everyday wear. They are still in limited use. The traditional weave for Japanese fabric is narrow, 36 cm. Kimonos are assembled in strips. The blue and white floral pattern is a traditional one.

fabric colours and sample
This is a very rough layout to show colour relationships on a neutral background. The sample is also to one side.

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