Three of reasons why inspiration is of little help to professional artists

For my purposes professional artists are any artist who are trying to sell their work. Other artists will disagree.

  1. The picture above has been kicking around my head for about two weeks. It’s a basic weave pattern that I could paint, use ribbons to construct or use reverse applique. But it means nothing. It’s easier to sell if your work has a meaning. It’s possible to create patterns that are of intrinsic interest. Spires graphic design does some amazing patterns. Patterns can be used to create meaning in abstract art such as “Society has always been influenced by Queers”
  2. If you wait for inspiration to show up, nothing gets created. It’s far easier to set a goal and work on it day to day, week to week. So if you know when you go to the studio that you’re working on the next cat piece, or the next Tasmanian landscape or the next grotesque. It gives you a clear starting point. This has been discussed at length online and in “Art and Fear” by  David Bayles and Ted Orland.
  3. Inspiration won’t get your marketing done. Artists who want to sell need to do their own marketing. A lot of art marketing is written material. It needs to be regular and on topic.

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