Pagan and an Artist but not “a Pagan Artist”

Nut at sunset (c) Anita Morris 2012

Nut at sunset (c) Anita Morris 2012

I’m a Kemetic Neo-pagan. I worship the gods of Ancient Egypt and venerate my ancestors. I’m more interested in your willingness to let me get on with my religion, and your ethics than your religious affiliation .

I’m a pagan and an artist but not “a pagan artist”. You can’t build a career making art only for the pagan community, not in Australia.

The ink drawing of the sky goddess Nut is unusual because she is not a goddess I have any particular relationship with.  I usually create art about the gods I have relationships with such as Aset who I have done a sketch of in preparation for a painting. It’s also a modern interpretation. Nut is usually shown stretched over the earth. The ancestors are also sometimes described “as stars shining in the vault of Nut” giving her some association with night.




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