My reaction to the Australian Budget

I was told growing up: conform it will keep you safe and warm. Conform you will do better socially (I didn’t know then that not being able to facial and body language was part of my learning disability). Conform you’ll keep the peace with mum. Ha! None of this worked and none of it prepared me for being physically disabled.  I’m happier as a non-conformist.

The main reason the Liberals got in this time was the internal disarray Labor showed while in power.  (My basic Australian political explanation).  Australians have compulsory voting and hold elections on Saturdays. You can make a person vote but you can’t make them think. Aussies next time there is an election don’t conform. Look at the policies of each party including the Greens and the micro parties, vote below the line in the Senate. Don’t vote for who your mother. best friend, or spouse tells you to.

The piece above is called “People are more important than money”.  It’s a social principle I believe in. It’s a principal the Liberals don’t believe in. I knew a Liberal budget would be bad. The one our current Prime Minister and Treasurer have delivered is a disaster. Instead of a day job I’m on the disability support pension and I’m under 35. The proposals include reviewing the recipients of the DSP who are under 35 and transferring them to a gutted dole. I’m scared. I don’t want to risk homelessness, I don’t want to choose between food and buying all of my nine prescriptions.

Other cuts include large cuts to education and health leading to more expensive education and longer waiting lists for hospitals.


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