Why samples are important.

character sample

Samples are the next step after a basic design. Colour palette samples working in paper, fabric or thread can be created from an inspirational photo. The samplers of embroidery can be practice and test pieces for individual stitches. The bigger the intended piece the more important it is to create samples. Samples test ideas and techniques before committing to the full piece. The above sample was testing several things. One that both the acrylic paint and the textile fixative were still good after years in storage. Two it showed that the brush I used created a wider line than I expected.


characters side by side

The brush creating wider lines than I expected left the character looking a little top heavy compared to the one in my sketchbook. A longer piece of fabric will fix that.

The Japanese character or kanji above is read yume (with a hard e as in met) and means dream. I am intending to create a fabric scroll on that theme.


dream scroll sketch

This is the original sketch for the scroll. The Japanese character is going to be in the middle of the central circle.

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