Society has always been influenced by Queers

I’ve finished my first painting. It’s called “Society has always been influenced by Queers” (International readers please note Queers is an acceptable way to refer to the LGBTI community in Australia. It is a reclaimed word.) It was inspired by a Judy Small song called “Influenced by Queers”. The first verse goes:

You see them on the television,
hear them on the radio.
Read it in the magazines,
it’s ev’rywhere you go.
I don’t care what people do behind the locks of bedroom door.
private there is nobody’s affair but your’s.
But there’s a line that must be drawn in order to avoid the tears.
And I don’t want my children being influenced by queers

Try here to listen to the song. The rest of the song has examples of famous Queers many of whom are historical. Judy Small is a lesbian who was a professional folk singer and lawyer for the day job. She now sits on the (Australian) federal bench.

Why do I care about this? I identify as sapiosexual – someone who is attracted to people of intelligence on all points of the gender spectrum. If that’s too complicated bisexual will do.

The underlying structure of the painting is based on how I understand cities over time. Cities build on the past and on the rubble of demolished buildings. The symbolism of the rainbow flag is obvious.

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