Why I started the cat series


This is this week’s completed artwork. It’s called “Cat curled up but awake”, it’s 20 x 25 cm. It’s mixed media featuring collage, a painted background and pen and ink details. I’m still not sure about the best way to do the face. It’s the first piece of my cat series.

I have chosen to start the cat series because:

  1. I’m a cat person. I genuinely love cats, love and take care of my cat Queenie. She sometimes complains otherwise but what do you expect from a cat.
  2. The collage elements make for a quick finish.
  3. Cats are hugely popular. Think about how many cats appear upon the internet. What is popular will sell and I want to have a solo exhibition when I have a sufficient body of work.

If we compare this to the mock up from last week.

Black paper cat with white and silver details

I don’t feel the head and tail are as well defined compared to the mock up. The added paws add to the confusion. I think I need to create my cats from two different papers.


Stickers, cards, travel mugs and prints of “Cat curled up but awake”



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