Tattoo sketch of a peacock

a peacock with sakura and kanji

A tattoo sketch is the only thing I have created in the last week. The virus that knocked me over two fridays ago is still with me and I’m sleeping more than ever. The sketch is based on the idea of a playing card. The background is cherry blossom, the foreground is the peacock with a tail extending beyond the confines of the card. The characters say “Western style artist” in Japanese.

The peacock was chosen as symbol of rebirth which dates back to the Greeks. In the the Japanese context it is a symbol of Kannon which is the Japanese regional variation of Kwan Qin. I like Kannon,  that it also symbolises her is not bad. The next step for this tattoo is to go in for a drawing session. I can’t complete this one on my own, The format of the tattoo is inspired by previous work of Cody Cummings who I intend to take the sketch to.

Current tattoos.

I already have two tattoos.

mauve dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo done in 2012, and touch up 2015. My original design,

I designed my first tattoo, the mauve dragon, from scratch using at least nine different sketches. It’s to do with my identity. Dragons are probably the most popular tattoo among my friends and I don’t think I’ve seen a single one done from a flash. I believe that you should either design your own tattoos or have a drawing session with a tattoo artist. Then thinking about it for some months. There are exceptions I know two different people who got tattoos of the logo of their karate dojo or former karate dojo.


This is my second tattoo. Inked in 2015 with two friends paying for it for my 30th birthday. It has three triskeles. The triskele is a symbol of celtic heritage. My great-grandfather Daffyd Morris was Welsh. I also like triskele because it as complex spiral, and I like spirals.

Another tattoo design.

tattoo 4

This is my design for a kemetic tattoo. There is a kemetic belief that images of the gods are the same as the gods themselves. This and other factors lead me to avoid tattoos of the gods. The ankh is of course a symbol of eternal life, the five point stars symbolise the ancestors, the tear drop is based on the kemetic idea that the sky is a great flood. I need to decide how big I want this one and then get a quote.

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