How technology has changed my life

A lot has been written about technology changing society. My life has been improved by technology. I have what is called Non Verbal Learning Disabilities. I was in grade 5 before I could read. There is one symptom, this post is most concerned with. I have very bad fine motor skills. (As measured by a test called a WAIS) This means I have very slow hand writing and very slow hand stitch speed.

A series of laptops saved my education (and the quality of the teachers helped). My struggle prior to the first laptop was to get what I knew out of my head and written down. The frustration of being bright and not being able to show it was extreme. I finished secondary school then university. I am proud to have a Bachelor of Arts with majors in history and Japanese language.

I learnt hand embroidery before I thought I could be an artist. The blog of Mr X stitch made me want to be an artist but I didn’t have the confidence. It took a then-lover pointing out how creative I was for me to take the first steps.

Textile art is an umbrella term like dry media. My early textile art was hand embroidery. I discovered that A4 pieces took roughly 12 months. Anything smaller doesn’t stand out at exhibition. This is not efficient enough for an artist building a portfolio. Adopting a drawing media helped – oil pastels was not the first. But learning to do reverse appliqué on a sewing machine is as revolutionary for my textile art as using a laptop is for my education.  My reverse appliqué already has changed my style of abstraction eg. Divisions.

The WIP at the top of the post is called ‘Tipping Point’ and it’s a commission and the last piece of textile art I will do entirely in hand embroidery.

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