Working with found objects and recycled fabrics

My sketchbook project theme is “Middle”. One of the meanings of middle is “belly”. It’s not a meaning I’m exploring thoroughly but inspired the choice of the wrapper of a chocolate block for this page. I made paper snowflakes as a child and have used the same technique here.

The paper being a found object, there is a degree of eco-consciousness among artists using found objects in art.

Divisions (c) Anita Morris 2014

Divisions (c) Anita Morris 2014

The use of recycled fabrics has similar eco motivations. The top layer of the piece Divisions is from a lightweight pair of jeans. All my recycled fabrics are from clothes too worn for the op shops (thrift store). Some artists go to op shops to buy clothes to use as recycled fabric. I won’t do that. The people who buy clothes from the op shops sometimes can’t afford anything else.

My paternal grandma has her basic Mastery from the modern school of Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), Sogetsu. She has often used found objects in her arrangements, mostly metal and plastic. Recently she has been using a spiral of metal, the width of a wide ribbon, one end balanced on a tube and using different natural materials in it. The natural materials are replaced as they wilt. Her arrangements were the first modern art I saw and she inspires me to use found objects. However found objects are unlikely to be central to my personal practice.

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